Social Media and Plastic Surgery: The Influence is Real

The Power of Social Media and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is gaining popularity by the day, and many experts agree that the increase is due in large part to the social media boom of the last decade. In fact, a recent poll conducted by the American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery revealed that plastic surgeons have seen a 30% rise in the number of clients who are interested in plastic surgery for reasons related to social media. Here are a few reasons why social media and plastic surgery have become so closely connected.

The Selfie is King

The ability to take quick, high-quality photos with mobile phones has led to the rise of the selfie. Posting selfies on your social media page is a fun way to share where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. However, selfies can also be constant reminders of aspects about our appearance that we’re less than happy with, such as facial wrinkles, receding hairlines, and loose neck skin. As a result, there’s been a marked increase in requests for plastic surgery procedures like injectable cosmetics, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, and hair restoration in recent years.

Anyone Can be a Photo Editor

Filters and editing tools found on most social media apps make it easy to manipulate a selfie until it appears almost perfect. Some patients are actually bringing those altered images to their plastic surgeons and asking if their online look can be replicated in real life. This in many ways is actually preferable than bringing in a celebrity photo or simply trying to describe what you want. You know how you want to look. Now you can just show a picture of the ideal you to your surgeon.

Celebrity Secrets are Revealed

Plastic surgery doesn’t have the stigma or air of secrecy around it that it once did. One reason is because celebrities, pop stars, and reality television personalities flaunt their plastic surgery procedures on their social media accounts. Fans see these images and may think “I want to look like that too.” This is nothing new; celebrities have always shaped beauty trends. The only difference is that now celebrities are openly talking about their breast implants, cosmetic fillers, tummy tucks, or butt lifts, so their fans know exactly what procedure to ask for to get similar results.

We Love Sharing Good News

Just like their favorite celebrities, individuals who have successfully undergone plastic surgery often post before-and-after pictures, so their friends and family can see the results. Some may blog about their experience or post real-time tweets the day of the procedure. Thanks to social media, plastic surgery is now something to showcase as both males and females are proud of the decisions they’ve made to enhance their appearance.

Social media and plastic surgery are now forever linked and there’s many positive aspects to that. Social media can create a forum for honest discussion about plastic surgery. In addition, social media can empower people make confident decisions about how they want their bodies to look.

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