Revision Surgery: Is It Worth It?

Pros and Cons of Revision Surgery

If you’ve ever had or even considered plastic surgery then you’ve probably spent a lot of time researching the procedure you wanted as well as the surgeon who will perform the procedure. But what if, even after all of that research and preparation, your plastic surgery results aren’t exactly what you’d expected? It’s a disappointing reality that not all plastic surgeries go as planned.

If that ever happens to you, your first reaction may be to quickly schedule a revision surgery to correct the original procedure. However, there are many things to consider before you do so. We wanted to give you the facts about revision surgery to help you decide if it’s the right course of action for you.

When to Consider Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is generally not performed immediately following an original procedure. In fact, some surgeries shouldn’t occur for at least a year or even longer after the original procedure. The reason is that many plastic surgeries take a significant amount of time before the full results of the procedure can be seen. So, for example, you may not be happy with the results three months post-surgery, but after 12 months, you’ll see the results you desired all along.

Common Types of Revision Surgery

These are the most common types of revision surgeries that are requested.

  • Breast augmentation: The first surgery may have produced unsatisfactory or uneven results. Or, the patient may want to have their implants replaced or removed altogether.
  • Breast reduction surgery: The first breast reduction surgery may not have reduced the breasts enough to alleviate physical symptoms.
  • Rhinoplasty: A revision rhinoplasty may be requested to restore impaired breathing function or to create better symmetry.
  • Facelift: A second facelift may be requested if the first procedure created an unnatural appearance.
  • Tummy tuck: The first procedure may not have reduced the midsection enough, or the patient may have experienced excessive weight gain since the original tummy tuck.
  • Facial implants: The patient may want to remove the facial implants completely or change the size or shape of the current implants.
  • Scar revision surgery: Another frequent request is a procedure to correct a scar that healed poorly. Scar revision surgery can be a complex procedure that involves improving or reducing the appearance of the scar so it is less noticeable, but most scars cannot be removed completely.

Questions to Ask Yourself

While many people are eager to get their appearance exactly the way they want, there are additional questions to ask yourself before you move forward.

  1. Is it medically necessary? For example, if your saline implants started to leak or your nose job is causing breathing issues, then you may need to have a second procedure more quickly than tummy tuck revision.
  2. What are the costs? Find out if your medical insurance will cover any of the costs or if you will need to pay for the procedure entirely out of pocket.
  3. Am I mentally prepared? No doubt you had to go through some mental preparation before your first procedure. Make sure you are ready to undergo the surgery and healing process again.
  4. Are there non-surgical options? Ask if there are less-invasive methods to get the results you desire.
  5. Do I trust my original surgeon? In some cases, it might make sense to go to the same surgeon that performed your initial procedure, as most doctors will offer some revision procedures with reduced charges. However, it’s understandable if you feel more comfortable finding a new surgeon for your revision surgery.

Choose a Revision Surgeon Carefully

If you have decided revision surgery is necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals, it is important to choose a surgeon who is experienced in revision procedures. Request “before” and “after” photos of previous patients during your consultation. Ask about the specific techniques the surgeon will use and what you can expect during and after your procedure.

Revision plastic surgery is never a first choice for patients, but it can be a good option if you are not satisfied with your initial procedure. Dr. Fodero understands the challenges facing patients in this situation and will work with you to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

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