Plastic Surgery Facial Implants Information

Plastic Surgery Facial Implants Information

Do you often find yourself wishing for high cheekbones and contoured facial features? Plastic surgery might be the route you want to pursue. Undergoing a facial implant procedure will provide you with the face of your dreams. The team at Northeastern Plastic Surgery thought it would be beneficial to provide information regarding facial implants to help prospective patients understand the surgery.

Why facial implant surgery?

Facial implants can provide balance to patients’ faces. The procedure is also beneficial if you have experienced trauma or a major disease that altered your facial appearance. There are a few different locations in which someone can receive facial implants, cheeks and chin. The implants are either produced from human tissue or synthetic materials.

What information do I need to know before receiving facial implants?

Prior to receiving facial implants, patients need to be aware of important information. The first thing is that the financial cost of the operation needs to be considered. If you are opting to receive the surgery for cosmetic reasons, you will most likely not qualify for a rebate from Medicare or health insurance. Another consideration is that smokers have a higher risk for complications during the surgery. If you would like to receive the surgery and are a smoker, you should highly consider quitting.

What should I discuss with my doctor prior to the operation?

We recommend discussing the following items with your doctor before facial implant surgery:

  • Overall health. It is important to undergo a physical examination to determine if you are fit for the surgery. You should also disclose your medical history and medications you are currently on with the surgeon to determine if existing conditions might impact the result.
  • If you are serious about receiving facial implants, you need to have a serious conversation with your doctor in regards to the related risks.
  • Previous reactions to medications. The surgeon that will be conducting your surgery, needs to know if you have had previous reactions to medications. This will prevent a similar reaction from occurring.

What is the long-term result of facial implants?

If you choose to use synthetic materials, the result of your implants will be permanent. It will take a few months for the swelling to subside and you to notice the change in appearance. If you select human tissue for the implants, the result will be semi-permanent because the tissue will age.


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