Revisional Rhinoplasty Surgery – Florham Park, NJ

You Don’t Have to Live with a Botched Nose Job

secondary-rhinoplasty-Rhinoplasty is widely regarded as one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures for any surgeon to perform. Accordingly, many patients wish to have the results of their first surgery revised and corrected to achieve the look they originally desired. On average, 25 percent of every surgeon’s rhinoplasty patients undergo revision surgery (Dr. Joseph Fodero’s rate is 5 percent, among the lowest in the nation). This revisional surgery, also known as secondary rhinoplasty, performed at Dr. Fodero’s New Jersey office, gives patients an opportunity to achieve the results they envision, even after experiencing disappointing results from previous operations. Dr. Fodero is among the most trusted surgeons among those who perform the revision rhinoplasty procedure, as approximately 20 percent of his rhinoplasty work consists of correcting the results of other surgeons. If you are currently unhappy with the results of a previous rhinoplasty surgery, contact Dr. Fodero at his Florham Park cosmetic surgery office to learn more about secondary rhinoplasty and its benefits.

What Makes Secondary (Revisional) Rhinoplasty So Difficult

Surgeons have much less leeway in performing a secondary rhinoplasty than they do with a primary, which means that revisional procedures have to be handled with exceptional precision and care by a highly skilled professional. With Dr. Fodero’s dedication to the nose and experience performing the procedure, revisional rhinoplasty at his Florham Park, New Jersey office is the ideal choice for patients seeking to correct a previous operation.

The Revisional Rhinoplasty Consultation

As always, Dr. Fodero will be honest and straightforward in helping you to develop realistic expectations during your revision rhinoplasty consultation at his Essex County office. During the consultation, Dr. Fodero will ask you about the aspects of your nose with which you are dissatisfied and present what he believes to be the best possible plan for correcting these flaws.

The Secondary Rhinoplasty Procedure

Secondary, or revisional, rhinoplasty tends to take longer to perform than primary rhinoplasty. Since Dr. Fodero will need to use extreme care and precision in correcting the results of the original surgery, the procedure can take between one and three hours. As with his primary rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Fodero may use either the open or closed technique, depending on which technique is most appropriate for the individual case. In most instances, however, Dr. Fodero uses the open rhinoplasty technique to give himself better access to the areas he needs to correct.

Learn More about Revision Rhinoplasty

Dr. Fodero has established himself as one of the most skilled and artistic revisional / secondary rhinoplasty surgeons in New Jersey. Countless patients dissatisfied with their primary rhinoplasty results have trusted him to reconstruct and correct their noses. Contact Dr. Fodero’s cosmetic surgery practice today to schedule a private, informative consultation.