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In the Male Nose Job, Subtle Changes Make the Biggest Impact

More and more men who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their noses are turning to rhinoplasty. At our Northern New Jersey surgical practice, we produce results as subtle or as dramatic as our patients wish to achieve. If you are a man looking to undergo discrete rhinoplasty, you can rest assured that you will come away from your surgical experience at our office with a natural-looking nose that ideally suits your face.

At Northeastern Plastic Surgery, Joseph P. Fodero, M.D. designs and executes the subtle changes needed to deliver the masculine nose you deserve. Browse the page, and you will find that male rhinoplasty at our New Jersey practice in Florham Park is as straightforward as Dr. Fodero’s approach to his patients during their consultations.

  • Male Rhinoplasty Benefits
  • The Ideal Male Rhinoplasty Candidate

Male Rhinoplasty Benefits

The male rhinoplasty procedure involves more subtle surgical adjustments and calls for a surgeon capable of molding a strong, masculine nose. Dr. Fodero has spent the greater part of his medical career studying the intricacies of rhinoplasty. Throughout his many years of experience, he has taken pride in providing the various aesthetic and health benefits of male rhinoplasty, including:

  • Reshaping the bridge, tip, or nostrils of the nose
  • Reducing or increasing the size and projection of the nose
  • Enhancing the symmetry of the nose
  • Alleviating breathing problems due to bone and cartilage impediments associated with men

Dr. Fodero will thoroughly discuss every aspect of the surgery with you, including what you can expect during and after surgery, in your initial consultation. For further information about the benefits of male rhinoplasty, or to schedule a consultation, contact Northeastern Plastic Surgery today.

The Ideal Candidate for Male Rhinoplasty

The strongest candidates for male rhinoplasty at our New Jersey practice are in good emotional and physical health. Ideally, they should be over sixteen years old, the age by which the male nose has usually finished developing. Pre-existing medical conditions will also determine your candidacy, as Dr. Fodero conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your medical history.

Overall, Northeastern Plastic Surgery hopes that you possess a positive body image and will thoughtfully consider the operation. Dr. Fodero emphasizes the importance of establishing realistic expectations of nose surgery during the consultation.

Learn More about Male Rhinoplasty

To find out whether you are an ideal candidate for male rhinoplasty, contact Northeastern Plastic Surgery in New Jersey today! Our staff will happily schedule your consultation with Dr. Fodero or provide you with more information.