Restore Your Hair with NeoGraft, a Solution for Hair Loss

Did you know that 50 million men and 30 million women experience pattern baldness or thinning hair? Fortunately, there is a common FDA approved hair restoration method for both men and women. If you find yourself suffering from the medical condition known as hair loss, NeoGraft Hair Restoration might be the solution for you. NeoGraft utilizes advanced hair transplant technology to restore patients’ balding or thinning hair, requiring microsurgery to then transplant the active hair follicles.

• It is the least invasive hair restoration technique
• No linear scars
• No stitches
• Recovery time is quick*
• Natural-looking results*

If you are interested in bringing your hair back to the way it was without invasive surgery, contact Northeastern Plastic Surgery to set up a consultation with Dr. Fodero today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients are very pleased. NeoGraft has highest patient satisfaction rating on Realself.com (96%). Results are immediate! You will leave being able to see the grafts in place. Full results can be seen in about 12 months.

Yes. Because NeoGraft/FUE is a minimally-invasive procedure, it is a viable option for both men and women looking to restore their own living and growing hair with transplant. If you wear your hair long, small areas in the back of the head can be shaved, which can be covered by the rest of your hair. If you wear your hair short, it helps to get a close shave, as it will look more natural sooner as it grows in.

You can go back to work the next day if you choose and resume normal activity within 48 hours. There will be some pin point redness and some pin point scabbing for about 1 week. You will need to give your scalp/grafts 2 weeks to fully recover before resuming strenuous activity that causes sweating or an increase in blood pressure.

Why Choose NeoGraft?

The traditional method of hair restoration is known as the strip method, or FUT (Follicular-Unit Transplantation). It is an invasive procedure that removes an entire section, or strip, of the patient’s scalp and hair from the back of the head with the thickest hair growth. The surgeon then staples together the divided sections of scalp which leaves a permanent scar around the entire scalp. This often results in complaints of permanent numbness or discomfort from patients.

The strip of scalp taken from the head is used as the donor site with units of one to four hair follicles removed and planted in pre-created recipient sites that help form a new, thicker hairline. This was once a preferred method due to speed, until procedures like NeoGraft came along.


As mentioned above, NeoGraft, an FUE method, is a minimally invasive procedure that removes hair follicles individually without removing a strip of scalp. A tool makes tiny circular incisions surrounding each hair follicle and then removes the follicles using pneumatic pressure, or suction. The removed follicles are then implanted by hand by specially trained NeoGraft Technicians.

Not only is this method free of IV sedation, scars, and numerous complications, it is also a more precise method of hair restoration. The exact position of the follicles can be controlled by the surgeon during implantation, creating a more natural-looking hairline.

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