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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Breast Augmentation

We have included a breast augmentation FAQ below for New Jersey area residents who are considering enhancing their bust and have additional questions regarding the procedure. At Northeastern Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide our patients with an array of information on treatment options so that they can make informed decisions; we not only discuss our patients’ goals with them in detail, we also inform them of breast augmentation risks, breast augmentation benefits, and cost considerations for breast augmentation during their initial consultation. If you are interested in breast augmentation, we invite you to read through our breast augmentation FAQ or to contact our New Jersey cosmetic surgery practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Joseph Fodero.

How long does breast augmentation surgery last?

Depending on the complexity of the breast augmentation procedure and the type of implant being placed, breast augmentation can take anywhere from one to four hours. As breast augmentation is an invasive procedure, general anesthesia is used to ensure the patient’s health and comfort. Under anesthesia, a patient is unconscious for the duration of surgery and feels no pain.

What are some possible side effects of breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation is a safe and effective way to increase the size of your breasts, but there are some potential side effects that women considering breast enhancement should be aware of. However, most of these side effects are temporary and will fade or go away with time. Possible side effects include: soreness, increased sensitivity, swelling, decreased or increased nipple sensation, bruising, and numbness.

Am I at increased risk for breast cancer after breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation does not change a person’s chance for breast cancer. However, it should be noted that breast augmentation may change the feel of lumps in the breast, so continued examination is important to ensure you are proactively staying on top of your health.

How visible are scars after breast surgery, and do they fade with time?

Scarring can be minimized depending on the location of the incision and placement method used (for example, saline implants can be placed through incisions in the belly button or armpits, leaving no scarring on the breasts). If there is visible scarring, the scarring will fade over a period of six to twelve months.

How long should I expect to be absent from work following breast augmentation surgery?

Assuming you are not required to take part in any heavy lifting or strenuous activity at work, you can expect to return after approximately one week. It is highly recommended that you discuss your surgery with your supervisors if you expect your surgery could negatively impact your position.

What is the recovery process for breast augmentation?

Recovering from breast augmentation surgery can take several months. Though most women can return to normal activities a week or two after surgery, and exercise or sexual activity after one month, the breasts may not fully heal for six months to a year. For more information, we invite you to look at our web page on breast augmentation recovery.

Will health insurance cover the cost of breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery are considered elective procedures by insurance companies, and are not covered. For this reason, we are happy to help with financing as well as various payment methods. If you have received treatment for breast cancer in the past and are seeking breast reconstruction surgery, it may be possible to cover the cost through your health insurance provider, but this should be verified prior to treatment.

Are the results of breast augmentation permanent?

Breast implants are durable, but in some instances require maintenance or removal. Implants can shift over time or rupture, and in such cases, revision surgery is often necessary to correct the complications. In most cases however, breast implants can last years or decades.

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