Plastic Surgeon Reveals Arm Lift Benefits

Plastic Surgeon Reveals Arm Lift Benefits

Warm weather is upon us and as people start to wear short sleeves and bathing suits, you might feel a little self-conscious featuring your arms. As you start to age, your body changes too, one aspect of this process leads to the skin of your upper arms to become flabby. Or if you have undergone massive weight loss surgery, you might struggle with excessive skin around the upper arms.

If you are unhappy with your body, it can begin to spread to other areas of your life. Brachioplasty, or an arm lift, is a plastic surgery, body contouring procedure that can reshape your arms. An arm lift provides numerous benefits to patients that decide to undergo the surgery. These benefits include:

  • Proportionate body figure. If your arms carry more weight, your body might look disproportionate. An arm lift works to shape the skin and improve the overall look of your arms. This will lead to a proportionate body figure.
  • Physical improvement. Besides helping with the overall look of your body, an arm lift can significantly help with physical relief. With the removal of excess skin, your arms will become easier to move around.
  • Increased clothing options. Have you stood frustrated in front of your closet while getting ready in the morning? Undergoing an arm lift will provide you with increased clothing options. You will actually enjoy shopping and flaunting your arms.
  • Confidence boost. Who doesn’t love a confidence boost? After living with flabby arms for years, your confidence might have suffered. Once you receive an arm lift, the skin around your arms will become firm and toned. You might begin feeling fit and confident after the surgery is completed.

If you think that the quality of your life could be improved with an arm lift, do not hesitate to contact our plastic surgery practice to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Fodero.

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